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Lophostemon confertus

Common Name: BRUSH BOX

Height: 30

Size: NT Premium

Habitat: Wet Sclerophyll Forest

Price: $ 1.95

Product Description

Description: An evergreen, Australian native tree with dark glossy leaves, creamy flowers and a medium domed, single trunked habit. Used alot in street and park plantings, this tree makes a beautiful specimen or shade tree because of its beautiful bark that starts off cream/green later becoming fibrous and shedding to expose a beautiful sunset red/orange, however once old, these trees will only produce a grey/brown fibrous bark. A very hardy tree that can handle pollution, mild drought and some compaction, and also attracts butterflies and insect eating birds, use it in large landscape situations. N.B. Don’t plant near pipes or foundations as it has quite a vigorous root system.

Pot size: 50mm Native Tube

Position: Full sun