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Vitex rotundifolia

Common Name: BEACH VITEX

Height: 3

Size: NT Premium

Habitat: Coastal Dunes

Price: $ 2.05

Product Description


Description: Vitex rotundifolia (beach vitex) is a species of Vitex that is native to seashores throughout the Pacific. Its range includes continents and islands stretching from India east to Hawaii and from Korea south to Australia. This woody perennial plant typically grows approximately 1 m in height. It has a sprawling growth habit and produces runners that root regularly at nodes. This rooting pattern allows the plant to spread rapidly. At maturity, V. rotundifolia produces blue-purple flowers that are borne in clusters and ultimately yield small brown-black fruits. Its leaves are rounded at the tips with green upper surfaces and silver lower surfaces.

Pot size: 50mm Native Tube