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Acacia complanata


Height: 5

Size: NT Premium

Habitat: Coastal Dunes

Price: $ 1.85

Product Description

Description: Is commonly known as the flat stemmed wattle, it is a shrub growing p to 5 meters in height. The leaves are bright green, a typical leaf shape with several longitudinal veins, and end in a rounded tip. Stems are “winged” giving them a flattened appearance, with the flowers being the most attractive feature. They are large bright yellow balls, in dense or open groups, with a very light perfume which does not irritate. While flowering occurs mainly from late spring until autumn, this acacia will produce flowers at other times of the year. This has no connection with rainfall, as is sometimes thought. Seeds are not always produced after flowering. It is located in Bundaberg, Queensland and New South Wales.

Pot size: 50mm native tube