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Banksia spinulosa


Height: 2

Size: NT Premium

Habitat: Wallum

Uses: B / M / E

Price: $ 1.50

Product Description

Description: B. spinulosa varies greatly in height (1 -3 m) and flower *colour, with variations of brown, red, orange and gold. The flower spikes range from 10-20 cm in length. The individual flowers open from the top of the spike and provide a long flowering period from autumn through the winter to spring when the three stages of cone development can be observed – bud, flower spike and seed capsule. Leaves are long and narrow, 3-8 cm long by 2-7 mm wide, and variably toothed.

Open growing produces a compact symmetrical shrub but dense shade or heavy plant competition can result in open spindly growth.

Pot size: 50mm Native Tube




Banksia spinulosa