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Syzygium smithii

Common Name: LILLY PILLY

Height: 20

Size: NT Premium

Habitat: Dry Rainforest

Price: $1.95

Product Description

Description: Syzygium smithii grows as a tree to 20 m (60 ft) high by 5–15 m (15–50 ft) wide, with a trunk attaining a diameter of 70 cm (2 ft). The largest tree was recorded at Dingo Creek Flora Reserve, south of Tenterfield, being 30 m (98 ft) tall and a trunk 60 cm (2 ft) wide.

The trunk is sometimes buttressed. The bark is brown and scaled and flakes off easily. Its dark green shiny leaves are arranged oppositely on the stems, and are lanceolate or ovate and measure 2–10 cm (1–4 in) by 1–3 cm wide. The cream-white flowers appear from October to March, occurring in panicles at the end of small branches. Berries follow on, appearing from May to August, and are oval or globular with a shallow depression at the top

Pot size: 50mm Native Tube


Uses: Ornamental tree