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Eucalyptus resinifera


Height: 30

Size: NT Premium

Habitat: Dry Sclerophyll Forest

Price: $ 2.05

Product Description

Description: A medium sized to tall tree with an open crown of dark green foliage with best development on soils of higher fertility and high moisture. Grows to around 25m in HSC, up to 45m outside of HSC area. The trunk has thick rough persistent bark to the smaller branches easily mistaken as a “stringybark” but the bark cannot be removed in long strips. Thin dark green leaves are slightly discolorous and taper to a fine point; they range from 9–16 cm long and 2–4cm in width. Flowers through early to late summer (October-February) the flower buds have very long operculums.


Pot size: 50mm Native Tube

Position: Full sun to low sun

Uses: Shade tree

Maintenance: Average