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Banksia aemula


Height: 6

Size: NT Premium

Habitat: Wallum

Price: $ 1.85

Product Description

Description: Banksia aemula grows as a robust tree to about 8m of height, or can remain as a chunky, spreading shrub that grows in an irregular manner, often giving it the appearance of being sculptured. It has a ‘heavy’ appearance, the trunk appearing quite large relative to the tree. The reddish coloured bark is corky and attractive, similar to Banksia serrata. It would be useful as a screening plant in the garden or make an interesting tree feature.

The leaves are another appealing feature of the tree. The margins are serrated, less coarsely than those of Banksia serrata. The leaves occur alternately along the stem and are narrow-obovate to oblong in shape. They can vary from 3-20cm long and between 5-30mm wide, distinguishing it from the wider-leaved Banksia serrata.

Pot size: 50mm Native Plant


Uses: Screening plant