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Energex Environmental Offset Scheme – Dayboro Project

Recently RH & BA Conservation and Land Management completed an 8 hectare environmental offset project funded by Energex in accordance to their Environmental Offset Scheme. This scheme is used when all government environmental standards have been met and when impact from an activity or development cannot be avoided or reduced. It involves an action taken to counterbalance unavoidable, negative environmental impacts that result from an activity or a development.

SEQ Water donated the use of this 8 hectare land for the project which was then procured by SEQ Catchments a non for profit organisation to oversee the project. RH & BA Conservation and Land Management was then contracted to complete the work involved with this project.

The project involved clearing all noxious weeds from the area including, Mulberry, Camphor laurel and Lantana. Ground preparation was then undertaken before 6400 native plant species where planted. All plants were sourced from Wallum Nurseries and were endemic to the region and consideration was given to specific plants suitable to koala habitats. Part of the Environmental Offset Scheme is to offset for net benefit to koalas and koala habitat.

The project also included a maintenance schedule for the first three years of the project. This involved RH & BA Conservation and Land Management to visit the site six times for the first year and four times the following two years to ensure a ninety percent plant survival rate. A fence was also erected around the site to help with plant survival. Below are photos of the project.